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Eildon Rhymer
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This is my fanfic LJ. All other non-fanfic things are posted on my main LJ, ladyofastolat. I'm happy for fanfic people to read my "real" journal, and maintain separate ones just so my LoA friends don't get bothered with fanfic in fandoms they've got no interest in.

I have been writing fanfic for nearly 18 years (18 years!), starting in X-Files fanfic (where I wrote as Pellinor), and going by way of Star Wars, The Dark is Rising, Diana Wynne Jones, occasional flirtations with British TV shows, and then a ridiculously prolific two year stint with Stargate Atlantis. Barring one or two short flirtations, I've been "between fandoms" for a good while now, so this journal is pretty neglected, but comments on older stories are always cherished.