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The Mysterious Case of the Multiplying Stories

Well, I wrote the almost-but-not-quite-a-sequel to my Howl story, and now it seems that I need to write yet another. The last thing I want to do is kill a joke by overdoing it, so I won't edit or post story 2 until I've written story 3 and made sure it really is adding something that needs to be added.

Actually, I could probably have written story 3 yesterday, too, had I not spent well over an hour writing long and rambling pieces in my other journal, about the treatment of history on TV and in schools. I think I need to look up again what the word "journal" means. I think I need to learn what "focus" and "tangent" and "distraction" and "irrelevance" means.

So it's back to Howl tonight, when I've got rid of this headache. Meanwhile, poor Will and his friends are still languishing six years into the end of the world, where they've been for nearly two weeks. However, since things are only going to get worse once I return to them, maybe they should enjoy this neglect while it lasts.

EDIT. Howl no. 3 is written. It's a horrible, horrible mess at the moment, but at least the first draft is done. Good. If I hadn't finished it, I'd have been awake all night writing it in my head.
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