Eildon Rhymer (rhymer23) wrote,
Eildon Rhymer

Yay! Finished!

Yay! I've finished my Fourth Age Epic! 156,000 words (254 pages), which doesn't make it the longest story I've ever written, but makes it the longest I've written for at least a dozen years, and almost certainly the longest I've ever posted. Not that I've posted it yet. I'm going away on Friday for 9 solid days of roleplaying, and although I'll have internet access and plenty of spare time, I've learnt before that it really doesn't work to try to maintain a posting schedule while away. But, yay for finishing, anyway! It's consumed my brain for the last few months. It will be nice to able to sleep again, without lying awake writing story. It will be nice to wake up at dawn, and roll over and try to go to sleep again, rather than thinking, "if I get up now, I might get a scene or two written before work."

EDIT: I notice that in my previous post, I said "106,000 words now, and still several chapters to go. (By "several" I mean "probably 3 or 4," and therefore almost certainly actually 6 or 7.)"

It was 8 in the end. I've made far worse under-estimates in the past.
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