Eildon Rhymer (rhymer23) wrote,
Eildon Rhymer

Escalating stories

I've been writing rather obsessively for the last few weeks. 106,000 words now, and still several chapters to go. (By "several" I mean "probably 3 or 4," and therefore almost certainly actually 6 or 7.) Late on Sunday, I finally reached the lead-in to the big scene I've been looking forward to from the start. "Scene," I say.

Late last night, I finished it. Said "scene" had taken 18,000 words. At the heart of it, was remained what I'd envisaged: a confrontation in words between two men. Hangers-on and minions got involved along the way, and added their commentary, but, still... 18,000 words! In what was originally envisaged as one two-player scene! It was all written in 3 evenings, with me being at work all 3 days.

I feel quite drained today, but very achievementy. It's years since I've written so much so fast. But... phew! *shakes head in wonder.* How these stories grow!
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