Eildon Rhymer (rhymer23) wrote,
Eildon Rhymer

Back to Middle Earth Month 2015: the story thus far

I'm really enjoying the prompts in Back to Middle Earth Month this year. After several months with no writing at all, I'm suddenly finding myself bursting with ideas. I've deliberately not browsed any new prompts since the start of the week, after that dreadful (but exciting) Monday night, when I was writing one idea until 1, was slow to fall asleep afterwards due to a buzzing brain, then woke at 5 with ideas for two more prompts, and lay awake for the rest of the night, mentally writing them.

Anyway, here are the stories thus far:

Daughters, Sisters, Wives
"I should have given you sisters," her mother said. "This is such a place of men." This is a tale of Éowyn and the girls and women who might have been her friends in the years of her childhood, the dark years of her growing, and in the years yet to come.
Written for a prompt calling for a gen story about Éowyn and her relationship with other women in Edoras. Gen. No warnings. Rated G. c. 4000 words

Trials of Manhood
While undergoing his Trial of Manhood, a young boy stumbles upon a wounded man...
Written for a prompt calling for a gen story in which Aragorn and Gandalf have an adventure somewhere in the East or South during Aragorn's Thorongil years. This is that adventure seen through the eyes of a boy who stumbles upon them afterwards. Gen. No warnings. Rated PG. c. 5700 words.

Of Herbs and Small Bunnies
"Tegoldir was saving the kingdoms of Men, when a tiny example of those people appeared at his elbow, sucking on a honeycomb." An assistant junior librarian of Rivendell, already sore beset by the classification challenges posed by Men, struggles to find stories that will entertain very small Heirs of Isildur over the years.
Written for a prompt calling for stories about the books in the library of Rivendell. Gen. No warnings. Rated G. c. 2450 words. Humour.
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