Eildon Rhymer (rhymer23) wrote,
Eildon Rhymer

Runaway tales

Gah! Pesky stories, taking on lives of their own!

First, a confession: Although I said a few months ago that I was entirely new to writing Tolkien fandom, this wasn't entirely true. I'd always been opposed to the idea of Tolkien fanfic, but then the LotR movies came out, and I loved them very much, although far from uncritically. I treated them as AU fanfic, and in my mind, they authorised me to write book-related fanfic of my own. I never posted it anywhere, and after a month or so, I moved on.

I wrote one short outsider viewpoint story, and a series of four linked short stories, which went together to form a longer tale, albeit one covering 30 years. Not long before Christmas, I decided to revisit those four stories, sticking to the general plot, but rewriting them from scratch, and adding a fifth to round things off. The first was a fairly straightforward conversion, but each of the others have promptly announced that they actually needed to start ever so slightly earlier than the original stories did, with one teeny tiny little scene to set things up. Teeny tiny little scene? Really? From then on, the start of each story has escalated more and more. I settled down to write story 4 today, thinking it would take me all day, but be doable. I have now written 4000 words, and have yet to reach even the starting point of the original story - which was only c. 4000 words in its entirety.

It is all quite annoying in another respect, too, in that I have a very one-track mind when I'm engaged in writing a longer story (and I treat these five stories as one long story.) There are various challenges that I want to be able to write for, but my muse refuses to spare even a tiniest bit of thought for them until this story is done. There are loads of stories I want to read, too - the Yule exchange stories, for a start - but my Muse shouts at me, and tells me to stop slacking and get back to writing NOW.

Oh well. I'd complain if it wasn't like this. Better a story that takes on a life of its own than a story that refuses to let itself get written, I guess. And I worked yesterday so have tomorrow off work, and everywhere's far too flooded and wind-lashed for me to do the Big Walk I'd planned, so maybe I'll be able to finish things off and actually get a decent night's sleep, without stories whispering to me in the darkness.

EDIT: And finally - finally! - after a hard day's work, I have finally reached the start of this story. Got to stop now, though. Got to pick a sodden husband up after a hard day of running around in the rain hitting people with swords. :-D
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