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Completed story

Everyone on my ladyofastolat friends list has been spectacularly silent these last few days. Unfortunately, I've been unusually chatty, in both journals. At one point, almost half of my friends page consisted of postings by me, which was somewhat embarrassing. I resolved not to update this journal for at least a few days, to compensate for past over-talkativeness, but today I finished posting my latest long Dark is Rising story. For the sake of completeness, here are the links.

Walking Shadow - 48,000 words. This is set twenty years after the end of "Silver on the Tree", and involves a new enemy for Will to deal with, as well as lots of angst and character development. Will, Bran and Jane are the main characters, but there are no particular pairings.

Falls the Shadow - 66,000 words. Sequel to Walking Shadow, starting only a day or two after the end of that story.

Now I ought to write some more of my AU, but yesterday afternoon, while sleeping off the previous night's too much wine and too little sleep, my half-asleep brain suddenly told me that it wanted to write a story based on another old drabble. At least this one I think I'll be able to beat into submission and keep it as a one-part story, and nothing longer.
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