Eildon Rhymer (rhymer23) wrote,
Eildon Rhymer

LotR Yule fic exchange

I'm writing this for the person who's been given my name in the LotR Yule fic exchange, since I'm new in this fandom, and they're probably going, "Who is this Mysterious Stranger and what does she like?" (I'm now imagining myself lurking disreputably in a corner of an inn in Bree, conveying an air of mystery and unknown story tastes.) So if you are that person and has popped over here in a desperate attempt to work out who I am, the first thing I have to say is: write something that you enjoy writing; that's the most important thing. I'm not going to cheat by suddenly adding extra demands to my request. Write something that appeals to you, inspired by my request.

But if you want a little more on my tastes, click below the cut. I hope this isn't against the rules of the challenge!

I'm a book canon person (although I do enjoy the movies very much.) I like things to feel true to the feel of the book. I don't mean that I need you to emulate Tolkien's writing style (unless you want to) but I don't want to see Gandalf saying "OK" or Aragorn indulging in 10 pages of stream of consciousness angsty wallowing and sobbing like a girl. (I'm actually quite fond of stream of consciousness angsty wallowing in its place, but it doesn't match with the way I see these characters.)

One of the aims in writing in this fandom is to increase my understanding of all the characters, including ones I wouldn't normally focus on, which is why I specified no particular characters in my request. However, if you want a little more guidance, then I'll admit that Aragorn's my favourite, followed by the other Men and then the hobbits. I've not got the hang of Gimli yet, and I have a bit of an issue with Third Age elves. (I think this might be Peter Jackson's fault.) But I'm quite happy to read about anyone.

Finally, if your research has taken you to my older fanfic in other fandoms, you've probably now got the impression that I'm an h/c addict. It is true that I do like h/c, but as with the angsty wallowing, my h/c urges in this fandom are more muted than normal. "Heroic staggering" has always been my thing, by which I mean that my weakness is having a favourite character doing awesome things despite the fact that they're slowly bleeding out from an arrow through their shoulder. But that's all by the by. I'm only addressing the h/c issue because it's a fairly obvious feature of my past writing. None of the 3 LotR stories I've posted thus far have contained h/c, so it's absolutely not a prerequisite.

I hope you enjoy writing for me!
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