Eildon Rhymer (rhymer23) wrote,
Eildon Rhymer

Voices at the Door

Just a quick note to say that I've been writing like a crazy mad thing this week, and have managed to produce 16,000 words in under 5 days. (Which is not on a par with the 40,000 words plus 10 drawings that I did in 8 days when consumed by my SGA pirate AU, but is still by far the most concentrated writing I've done in years, so I count myself a happy person, but a sleep deprived one.) Needless to say, it needs some tidying up and editing, but I've just posted the first part of 14. I aim to get all 14 parts posted within the next 4 or 5 days.

This story grew out of Through Other Eyes, the 1000 word story that I wrote in response to this month's LOTR Community Challenge. I still want that story to stand alone, but my Muse insisted that I write a longer story in a similar vein. You don't need to read Through Other Eyes to read Voices at the Door, which starts several years earlier. Conversely, you don't need to read Voices at the Door to read Through Other Eyes. I see Through Other Eyes as a missing scene from Voices at the Door, but one which can stand entirely alone.

Through Other Eyes (1000 words exactly): "Bilbo was never seen in the Shire before, but with Aragorn's help, he can still see the Shire." On LJ. On Many Paths To Tread. On AO3.

Voices At The Door (will be 16,000): "Bilbo spent nineteen years in Rivendell, as both he and the world changed. This is those nineteen years charted in scenes between Bilbo and Aragorn, plus occasional letters that remain unsent." Only 1 part (of 14) has been posted thus far, but this is a story of snapshots and short scenes separated by several years, so there are no cliffhangers. Each scene is complete in itself, although together they tell a longer tale. On Many Paths to Tread. On AO3. I'll post it here when it's complete.
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