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Immortal engines: art post

Immortal Engines: the character portraits

This post is for people who don't fancy reading 70,000 words of gen Avengers historical/steampunk AU, but fancy taking a look at the character portraits that accompany it.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

There are a few very very minor spoilers for the initial set-up of the various characters' story arcs in the picture captions.


Tony Stark

Tony Stark is busy wreaking domestic mayhem in his doomed struggle to create artificial intelligence, when an intercepted message causes him to take to his private dirigible and head off on a very big adventure.



Thor has returned to Earth to look for his brother, Loki. This quest has brought him to a saloon in a frontier town, where he attempts to blend in by adopting local costume and acting in an entirely inconspicuous fashion, as demonstrated by this picture.


Natasha Romanoff

Agent Romanoff has been sent to make contact with Thor and bring him back to her masters through "proper channels," which prove a sad disappointment to the god.


Clint Barton

Agent Barton has been sent to track down Bruce Banner. While there, his keen eyes spot something that gives SHIELD their first hint of the new threat that is rising, but which also leads him into his own a personal nightmare.


Bruce Banner

When Bruce Banner is tracked down by Clint Barton, he doesn't initially intend to go anywhere at all with the SHIELD agent, but ends up embroiled in just the sort of war and conflict that he had been so desperate to avoid.


Captain America, c. 1814

Captain America came to prominence during the War of 1812, and took a starring role in many ballads, songs and pamphlets, before disappearing mysteriously towards the end of the war.


Captain America, c. 1878

When Captain America resurfaces over sixty years after his disappearance, he is persuaded to don a new costume and resume his fight. Agent Coulson was heavily involved in the costume design, having measured him… er, estimated his size from a distance when he was sleeping.


Director Fury

Director Fury is in charge of SHIELD, and is very fond of keeping secrets.


Agent Coulson

Agent Coulson appears mild and unassuming, but has been known to kill a man with a coffee spoon.


Iron Man

Tony Stark's Iron Man costume uses all the latest technology, whether clockwork, aetheric or steam powered. Contrary to SHIELD office gossip, he is fully clothed beneath it.



Loki is lost and afraid and mortal on the Earth. Or so Thor thinks. The reality, of course, is otherwise.

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