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Well, that was interesting. I just spent the last hour scrawling notes for a new SGA fanfic. Given that it's now ten months since I took "a few weeks' break" from the fandom, this is all rather unexpected.

I can't say for sure that I'll write it. After ten months away, I need to do some serious rewatching of episodes to rediscover the characters' voices. I'm going on holiday in just over two weeks, so it's probably safer not to start writing anything until after I get back, in case the break derails my new and shaky muse. However, I'm rather excited at the thought. It all felt very familiar when writing my notes - like playing with old friends.

What I am adamant about, though, is that even if I do start writing SGA fanfic again, it won't be anything like as prolifically as before. The reason I took a break was that my writing was taking over my life, leaving no time for reading, watching films, or relaxing without guilt. I would like to write again, but I don't want to stop reading novels, and I want to be able to go away for a weekend without resenting the loss of writing time.

I have done some writing over the last ten months, though, in between reading a few million books. Last summer, I wrote a one-shot story based on one of my favourite novels, and this spring I wrote a 50,000 word Magnificent Seven fanfic, which I'm currently in the process of posting.

A short story based on The Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner

This was an excuse to indulge my love of outsider viewpoint, and is an OC's view of the hero of this series as he indulges in a little adventure. It contains spoilers for the first three books in the series. (The fourth book only came out a few weeks ago, and I wrote this story last summer.)

If you've not read the series but might do so one day, do not read this, since the series is one of shock twists and delicious revelations, and this story will utterly spoil things for you.

If you've not read the series and never intend to, you're safe to read it... but I don't know why you'd want to. :-)

Snow and the Setting Sun

A long Magnificent Seven (TV series) story

I watched Magnificent Seven in January on DVD, and enjoyed it a lot. I immediately had a story idea that would develop some of the emotional issues of the final two episodes, but it took me a while to pluck up the courage to write it. It took me over twice as long to write as an equally-long SGA story would have taken... and this is a very good thing, since it gives me hope that I might be able to return to SGA fanfic without it taking over my life. It also reminded me how much I like writing, so if I hadn't written this story, I doubt I'd be thinking about returning to SGA at the moment.

I'm posting the story serially, one part a day - four parts posted so far, out of nine. The featured characters are Ezra, Buck and Chris. Needless to say, it's gen.

Scotching the Snake - part one (Not yet posted in its entirety, but it will be all posted by Monday.)

This weekend, I also wrote some more typo fic, with an SGA setting. I don't know who linked to my previous typo fic, but I've been getting quite a bit of feedback on it over the last few months, which reminded me that I'd always meant to write more. So I did, this weekend. Actually, silly though they are, I suspect that the experience of writing them is what put the SGA characters back into my head, and led to today's unexpected bit of plotting.

I'll probably post them later tonight...
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