Eildon Rhymer (rhymer23) wrote,
Eildon Rhymer

Checking in, and books

The last time I posted here, I said I was taking a break from fanfic writing in order to read. This is still the case. I've been really enjoying reading lately, and feel quite excited - almost liberated, as if I've been let out into a wonderful world full of possibilities. I've also had some very busy weekends lately, with many more to come - folk festivals, visitors, role-playing, concerts etc. - so in that respect, it's quite a good thing that I've not got a story on the go, since I'd end up resenting all these rather enjoyable things for taking me away from it.

I really need to work on multi-tasking my imagination. I can only write one story at a time, I can only write in one fandom at a time, and, as I'm realising only too sharply at the moment, when writing fanfic in one fandom, I can barely read (or watch) other fictional works that aren't in that fandom. I definitely want to write fanfic again, but not at this cost. I need to find some way to write alongside wide-ranging reading.

But, anyway, while talking about books, I'll link to the post I've just made on my other LJ, asking for book recs to suit a specific need, since the more people read it, the more lovely books I'll get to read. I will pay for it with a recommendation of my own, by way of a ridiculously overlong but spoiler-free review of the Inda series by Sherwood Smith.
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