Eildon Rhymer (rhymer23) wrote,
Eildon Rhymer

Writing, reading...

I've managed all of one day of the gen ficathon so far, as far as reading is concerned. The trouble is, no sooner had it started posting, than I started writing my latest historical AUs. Historical AUs eat my brain like nothing else, because they attack on all flanks. When I'm in a mood for writing, I write them. When I'm not in a mood for writing, I draw the pictures. When I'm in a mood for reading, I read history books or historical novels set in the period. There's just no room for fanfic reading at the moment, and it's the worst possible time for it, since there are so many wonderful-looking stories out there. But I suppose they're not going away, and I can always catch them in a few weeks.

It's proving a lot more challenging than my pirate AUs. I thought it would be easier. The early eighteenth century is one of the few periods that I never studied at school or university, although I've read plenty of historical novels set in the mid to late eighteenth century, so the general mood was easy enough to write. In contrast, 1555 ought to be so much easier. I spent a month living in the year 1553 at a residential historical re-enactment. The doctorate I almost did (I changed my mind before finalising my plans) was going to be something about the cultural history of the period 1547 to 1558. I ought to know this period so well.

However, nothing's been invented yet! McKay wants to go into long diatribes about the state of scientific knowledge, but almost everything interesting hasn't been invented or discovered yet. (Thank goodness for Copernicus, at least.) Virtually ever bit of technology or weaponry I would love to use hasn't quite got invented yet. The world's so much smaller, too. It doesn't provide that rich seam of reference that I had in 1720, when my characters had travelled the world and gone to plays and salons, and read novels and newspapers, and had ready access to books. Gah!

But I'm getting there - definitely over half way through the writing, and about a third of the way through the pictures. And speaking of which... Off to draw.
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