Eildon Rhymer (rhymer23) wrote,
Eildon Rhymer

Historical AUs

I'm writing historical AUs again. All is well with the world. :-D Six lines in, and I've already done four urgent Googles to find out certain things that come up in passing (e.g. ink-pot design, the history of blotting paper, and the history of herb gardens.) Writing my pirate AU was the happiest experience I've ever had in writing, so I hope this new one gives me as much joy.

(I reserve the right to post again tomorrow saying, "Oh no! It doesn't work at all!", so don't take it as read that the story will see the light of day. The basic premise is one of those mad, crazy ideas that cause most of your brain to say, "oh no, I can't!" but a wild, loud, pushy part to say, "Oh, go on! It's fun" and then, when it thinks it might be thwarted, to say, "I refuse to let you write anything else until you at least try.")
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