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Time flies, and so do pages

A pleasant surprise just now. king_pellinor has been away since the crack of dawn, charging around in a wood on The Mainland, hitting people with rubber swords (as one does.) I wanted to write, but I found myself getting so distracted by Internet time-wasting, that I switched the computer off, and went to write on the laptop.

I was fairly sure I'd frittered away half the day downstairs, too, on endless coffees, cuddles of the cats, etc etc. I have to write in Wordpad on the laptop, and it doesn't count pages. Also, I'm saving each of these AU stories as a separate file, so I totally lose track of how much I've written. I just came upstairs, transferred the files onto the big computer and Word... and I find that I actually wrote 25 pages today. Woo-hoo!

One interesting side effect of writing on the laptop is the contribution I got from cats who wanted to pay an affectionate visit to... well, to my laptop. I had one scene when an Old One in all the glory of his power opened his mouth said said "ghyuiwaergjhasrmjzafbm", or something to that effect. Not quite what I intended...
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