Eildon Rhymer (rhymer23) wrote,
Eildon Rhymer

Oh dear...

My favourite part of my website's statistics page is the bit that lists search terms that people have used to access my site. It's not complete, since it only lists the first 30 per month, so after the first week, it only lists search terms that have appeared twice or more. At the start of the month, though, all the one-offs show up, much to my amusement. For example, when someone does a search on "risks of marrying a man who's scared of commitment", A, why on earth does my fanfic site come up, and, B, when it does come up, why on earth does the person doing the search click on it?

Today, though, when I checked my stats, I see that someone reached by site by searching for "someone who talks nonsense." Oh dear...

Oh, and while I'm here: I really shouldn't be considering writing another eighteenth century historical AU, should I? No, no, don't tell me. I know I really shouldn't be. (Not another Pirate's Prisoner sequel in this case, but a whole new, different story, set in the 1790s, but doubtless also including pictures and pseudo historical scholarship.)

Also, is there anything in Stargate canon that would allow me to have stuff happening (in this universe, not by having someone travel first to an AU), then to press a reset button to erase it, but to have the person who'd pressed the button remember everything about the erased stuff? I want to explore the emotional repercussions of remembering bad stuff that no-one else knows about, and also about being the one who rejected one future, and thus (arguably) bears responsibility for any fresh bad stuff that happens in the new time line. However, I need a plausible bit of technobabble to set the whole thing up.
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