Eildon Rhymer (rhymer23) wrote,
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Various writing things

- I wrote a Ronon-centric one-shot yesterday for the alcohol/drunkenness challenge on sga_flashfic. It's not about drunkenness at all, though, but is more about Ronon settling in to Atlantis, and rebuilding his life after his losses. Here it is: Friends and Old Wine

- My time in the LFWS contest at sgahcchallenges has come to an end. I knew beyond a shadow of doubt that this would happen this week, because I was seriously unhappy with my story. I just have this huge mental block when it comes to writing and reading first person. As a reader, a first person narrative is a barrier between me and the story. "Why is this person doing a running commentary on their life?" I wonder. "Who are they telling the story to? Why are they describing their surroundings in flawless prose when a dragon's chasing them?" The only way I can cope with it is if we have a framing structure which explains why this person's telling the story: letters, a diary, memoirs, or storytelling.

Therefore the only way I could bring myself to respond to this challenge was in storytelling mode, and I knew the entire time I was writing it that it wasn't working. So, really, I totally deserve to go, since I ought to have forced myself to get over my first person mental block and write a sensible story from the viewpoint of a minor character. I signed up for the contest to be challenged to try new things, and in this case I refused.

But I used no skips at all over 13 weeks, and was placed (IIRC) 9 times and won (IIRC) 4 rounds, so I'm far from displeased. I deserved to go this week for not getting over my "do not want!" reaction to the challenge.

- I wrote rather madly last weekend (10,000 words on Sunday alone) and have finished my inappropriately-long gen ficathon submission. Just a bit of editing left now. It always feels weird to finish a story so many weeks before it will get posted, since normally I post chapter one only a day or two after finishing the final chapter.

- I have no story next story lined up for after I've finished editing. I've had a "next long story" for months now, but I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever write it. The thing is, the idea for the story is all about the emotional themes, and doesn't actually specify anything about the plot or even the initial set-up, so my poor muse just doesn't know where to start with planning. Perhaps I need to wait until I come up with a totally separate story idea – a plot-based one this time – and marry it to the emotional plot, or I might appeal to people for plot ideas. ("Bad stuff happens" is my only requirement.) Alternatively, I just need to make it a much shorter story, focusing far more exclusively on the emotional/character stuff.

- I've realised a few weeks ago that I haven't written a one-shot for ages, not counting humorous ones (and not counting the Ronon story I wrote yesterday, of course.) I used to write lots, responding to almost every flashfic challenge, or sometimes being inspired by recent episodes. There are no recent episodes left to inspire me, of course, and flashfic challenges have been thin on the ground lately. I might have to start appealing for prompts for one-shots, since I miss them.
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