Eildon Rhymer (rhymer23) wrote,
Eildon Rhymer

WIPs and completed works

Everyone else seems to be doing the WIP meme, which always makes me feel weird and unusual, because I don't have any WIPs. I write one story at a time, I finish everything that I start, and I can't focus on starting a new story until I've completely finished posting my previous one. In a few days, I hope to have precisely one WIP, but at the moment, since I've been focusing on editing and posting the story I finished at the weekend, I have none. I think my muse must be very staid and boring.

(Well, to be honest, I don't literally only write one thing at a time, since I do sometimes break off in the middle of a long story to write a one-shot that can be written in a single sitting, but that only counts as a WIP for a few hours. And it's not true that I always finish what I start, since I can think of 3 stories that I've not finished in the last 12 years, two of them because I was very much at the end of my interest in the relevant fandom at the time I started them, and one because canon overtook me in an unexpected but story-killing way, though fortunately very near the start.)

Anyway... I've just updated my website to add four stories, all of which have been posted elsewhere before (2 on SGAflashfic, and 2 here.)

As Far as it Takes (17,000 words) - initially written for pure self-indulgence of the Shep whump kind - though also includes actual character development, too, and, like, real issues. ;-)
Pros and Cons (2400 words) - in which John and Ronon are transported somewhere very scary indeed... (Humour/crack)
Rodney in Wonderland (4600 words) - in which Rodney falls down a rabbit-hole. (Humour/pastiche)
New Year's Resolutions (1300 words plus 4 images) - two different New Year ficlets, one a fourth-wall breaking parody, and the other in images. (No, I'm not being unseasonal; I just forgot to add it on the last few updates.)

Other not-quite-so-recent updates can be seen here.
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