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I never, ever post works in progress. In nearly ten years of writing fanfic, I've only ever posted stories once they're complete. I like the comfort of knowing that I can go back to earlier parts and make changes, if the story suddenly takes an unexpected turn in a later part.

However, the one I'm writing now is different. I'm actually tempted to break that unbreakable rule. The "story" will actually consist of a series of individual scenes, vignettes, or short stories, that go together like pieces of a jigsaw to create a whole. (At least, that's what I hope.) So far, I've written what I'm fairly sure will be the first four "stories", as well as one that belongs a bit later in the tale. (Breaking my cardinal rule number 2, in the process, because I never, ever write out of order, either.)

So should I? Shouldn't I? Hmm... I can't decide.
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