Eildon Rhymer (rhymer23) wrote,
Eildon Rhymer


Sorry for the post overload today, but a discussion today has led me to think about the separation between "work me" and "home me." It seems that I have an unusually strong reluctance to let people at work know about the things that occupy my time at home, with the result that no-one I know in daily life actually knows anything about the things that take up 90 percent of my leisure time. I'm certain that this is a product of the fact that my main leisure interest is writing fanfic in which I hurt fictional characters. I have other unusual and easy-to-mock interests, but I don't keep them secret. People at work know that I Morris dance, that I host LAN parties and go away to role-play for a solid week, that I dress up in costume and go to banquets. They just don't know about the fanfic. However, since that's such a major part of my life, this means that they don't really know me.

So the thing I'm wondering is this: Do those of you who write fanfic tell non-fandom people about what you do? Do those of you who read it talk about what you read outside the world of online fandom? Do you feel that your involvement in fanfic makes you more secretive about your interests than you would be with any other interest?
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