Eildon Rhymer (rhymer23) wrote,
Eildon Rhymer

The state of writing: what next?

With my long stories, I normally come up with an idea months ahead of time. I have a vague "to do" list of ideas that I work through, with the result that I might not start to write an idea until a year after I first had it. (This is talking about vague thematic ideas, not those more concrete plot bunnies that tend to demand to be written the moment they come to me.) Back when I finished my pirate AU last May, I had my "next long story" lined up, but when the time came to start thinking about it (I always take time off between long stories to play with shorter ones) I decided instead to go with an idea further down the list – the outsider viewpoint one. When that was over, I again intended to move on to that "next long story," but ended up writing the pirate sequel. After that, and after I'd finished a few shorter pieces, I once again planned to attack this "next long story," but the slave story ended up leaping out at me.

I am beginning to wonder if I will ever write it. I suspect that it might assume talismanic status – that as long as I have the "next long story" lined up, I will never be devoid of ideas.

I certainly won't be writing it yet. I've got my gen ficathon prompt, and I always like to write ficathon entries as soon as possible, just so I know I've got them done. The ideas are only at a rudimentary stage at the moment, though. It's a tough prompt for me, since I've actually written something… well, pretty much identical before, so I don't just have to come up with an idea; I have to come up with a new idea. (I'm being circumspect about the exact circumstances, so I don't give anything away.) An idea is brewing, though I don't yet know if it'll work.

My muse seems to have given up totally on producing LFWS entries, though, which is worrying. Normally it leaps on the new challenges, and comes up with an idea within hours, or, if it doesn't, refuses in the faintly panicked fashion to think about anything else until an idea comes. This time, it's just shrugging in a laid-back fashion and refusing to even think about it. I've not used any skips, so this is story number 9 for my poor muse, and I think it's just getting a bit tired of coming up with new h/c ideas that can be done in 400 words.

Oh, and people are asking me about a sequel to the slave story (I never seem to call my own stories by their proper names, it seems) but nothing's changed. It's still a "maybe, one day." I need some distance before deciding if there's a story I want to tell. One idea that has occurred to me, though, is that any sequel doesn't have to be an epic, but could, perhaps, be in the form of a series of short, semi-self-contained stories. I'm idly wondering if I could do something like this in the pirate universe, too. I'm 99.9 percent certain that no additional long stories lurk in that particular AU, but short ones… Who knows?

And one more piece of silliness: Rodney in Wonderland
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