Eildon Rhymer (rhymer23) wrote,
Eildon Rhymer


I have a website! I spent most of last week trawling through all my old X-Files fanfic, struggling to remember them all enough to write a couple of lines about each one, so I could put up a complete website of (almost) everything I've written in the last ten years. (Ten years!)

I then had to wait a very annoying five days before the website would actually appear. When I typed in the address, it just re-directed to an advert for the web hosting service. I eventually thought to check from work, where I found I could see the website perfectly, even though my home computer was still refusing to accept that it existed. A quick "clear cache" has solved that problem.

So all my old fanfic is now up here, as is my new stuff. I have just posted the first two chapters of "Falls the Shadow", which is the much-belated sequel to my first Dark is Rising fic, "Walking Shadow." The whole story is finished, so I'll be posting that over the next week or two.

I've also started to write the longer fic. based on the five AU drabbles I wrote a couple of weeks ago. It took a lot of thinking before I could start, since I want the story to feel similar to the drabbles - i.e. a collection of fairly self-contained scenes and short stories that together tell a longer story. I wrote one last night. I might write another tonight, but all this website-tweaking and story posting has already eaten up half the evening.
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