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Well, I have finally finished the fanfic I've been writing since September. I feel most annoyed with myself. The story ended up at 140 pages, 70 of which I have written in the last 6 days. I spent four months writing an amount that could have been written in less than a week. Procrastination is my worst enemy. That, and a lengthy obsession with George RR Martin, of course, which derailed my writing for several months.

This story fought me. This week, it has strongly wanted to be a certain type of story, and has totally resisted all my cries that it has a duty to be similiar in tone and content to the story it's a sequel to, and shouldn't suddenly start changing 50 pages from the end. I think I beat it into submission, but I'm not entirely sure. I normally believe in letting the story take over, but sometimes you have to show a story who's boss. Tolkien let his story tell itself, but I'm sure that if the story had suddenly insisted on having space ships arrive at the Siege of Gondor, Tolkien would have sternly told it to shut up.

Well... I now have lots of editing and rewriting to do, but hope to post it within a few weeks. Then, perhaps, I can finally return to the story of a man called Aquila, which I left hanging well over a year ago, just a few chapters into book three.

But I am being tormented by lots of little fanfic ideas, too, that are all plucking at my skirt and batting their eyelids at me and telling me how irresitable they are...
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