Eildon Rhymer (rhymer23) wrote,
Eildon Rhymer

Pre-Christmas stuff, and sadness

Firstly, to my Sheppard h/c Secret Santa writer: I don't know who you are, and I've no idea if you'll be reading this, but I just wanted to say that I'll be away from Christmas Eve morning until the evening of Sunday 28th, and then again from New Year's Eve until Sunday January 4th. My first trip will be internet-free, and although I'll have occasional internet access on the second, it will be snatched moments on a borrowed computer in a crowded room, and not conducive to reading stories. I do not for one moment mean to stop you from posting your story during that time - please post it whenever you like! – but I didn't want to think of you anxiously awaiting my response and wondering why I was silent.

Even if the master list goes up before I go away, my own Secret Santa story will be posted after I get back on the 28th.

To everyone else: I hope you all have a lovely Christmas / winter festival of choice / summer festival of choice!

Thirdly, and behind a cut for general sadness (though there are no spoilers and there's no negativity or bashing)

I'm feeling rather sad today about SGA. The last two episodes have leaked, and I've not watched them, but it's just brought it home to me that this is it: it's ending. Yes, quite a lot of season five episodes have left me rather underwhelmed, but I still essentially like the show, and I know I've still got stories to tell about these characters. It just saddens me to think that lots of people are going to drift away – worse, that lots of people have already left. It saddens me that so many people have already lost their love. At the moment, in my sad, bleak mood, I am envisaging myself alone in the empty fandom come spring, writing to an audience of none.

As for the leaked episodes… I said I wouldn't watch them, but I'm now thinking that I will at least watch Vegas in my two days at home in between Christmas and New Year. Living in Britain, I can never watch episodes live, so watching it on the big screen on the actual air date is out of the question, anyway. Plus, I'm away on the day it airs, and on the morning afterwards – my usual time for watching – so won't be there for the event anyway.

EDIT: But I've just checked my email and found some particularly lovely feedback on my last story. ("Well, I have written to Santa to let him know that I want for nothing this Christmas because you have blessed the world with this gem of a story!") I've not replied to it yet, since I'm at work and can't access fanfiction.net from there, but if the person who wrote it wanders over here and reads this: thank you so much!)

Also, while I lay awake for half of last night feeling sad about SGA, for the other half I lay awake being struck with an idea for a rather silly and crackish short story idea that delights me, so that's good, too. I won't write it until after my Christmas wanderings, but planning it is giving me great pleasure. It might even have pictures.
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