Eildon Rhymer (rhymer23) wrote,
Eildon Rhymer


I've just written 14,000 words in 29 hours. I've also done a full day's work in this time, and done this little thing called a night's sleep. I did 10,000 today, getting up at the crack of dawn, writing for 3 hours before work, writing over lunch, and writing from the second I got in. I'm exhausted now, and my hands hurt. Phew! I don't think I've written this much on a work day for... well, ever.

So tomorrow, of course, I need to put in just as many hours editing. It's a four-parter, with a seasonal setting (though it isn't seasonally themed, not really) and so I need to post it fast before the seasons passes. Also, if I'm to get four parts out before the Secret Santa season hits, I really really need to get a move on.

Pesky Dave Sheppard, talking so much.
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