Eildon Rhymer (rhymer23) wrote,
Eildon Rhymer


Why, oh why, did I decide to set a story in 1721?* It feels like a black hole in historical writing. I suppose I should have guessed that by the fact that, despite doing a degree in Modern History**, I never studied anything between 1688 and 1760. (The thirteenth century was another notable gap.) Everyone loves writing about George III, but they don't bother with George I at all. A lot of books on "Georgian Britain" don't bother starting until around 1740. Books on the Georgian British navy don't accept that anything exists before Nelson. I am getting quite frustrated.

But I'm enjoying it at the same time. We librarians love ferreting out obscure, stubborn facts, and I'll track down everything I want eventually. This one's going to involve a lot more research than the last one, since the last one was set almost exclusively on board ship, whereas this one will involve a lot more going onto land and interacting with people there.

* Well, okay, I know exactly why I set it in 1721. Piracy declined rapidly after c. 1720, so it couldn't be much later than that, and I wanted it to be set some years after a major war that involved naval warfare in the Caribbean, and in the lifetime of Edmond Halley.

** Admittedly this is Modern History Oxford style, that starts 285 A.D and goes all the way to 1967, so no-one can possibly cover it all in three years.
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