Eildon Rhymer (rhymer23) wrote,
Eildon Rhymer

Pesky reality

Grr! I hate it when reality comes along and scuppers a plot idea. I'm now almost certain that my next writing project will be a sequel to The Pirate's Prisoner, and I've been scrawling notes for a few days, piecing together a plot. I know quite a lot of it already, but there's one rather gaping hole. At present, my notes include things like "and then they have to try to thwart the baddy's plans to... er... do something very bad." Today, though, I had a sudden idea about changing the setting of the story, and the new setting brought with it all sorts of intriguing story potential. Best of all, though, it presented me with a ready-made answer to the "something very bad" problem.

However, the answer was dependent on the presence in this location of a certain trade or industry that I knew it engaged it at more or less the period in question. Finding the actual dates was really, really hard, but after several hours of searching, I've now discovered that this trade or industry didn't start up in this place until about 20 years after my story is set.

So: Grr!!!! I know I could just ignore the pesky fact of historical reality and include this thing 20 years early, but... well, I can't. Now that I know it's wrong, I can't do it. It's like when I discover that the pivotal moment in a plot is contrary to the laws of physics, or when I unearth an obscure canon point that contradicts the entire premise of a story I'm planning. Don't you just hate it when reality interferes with a story? Grr!
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