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Sometimes my writing seems to be more a feat of complex timetabling than anything else. Let's see...

1. Stories up to 5000 or 6000 words. I really need to write these in a single day. My brain treats a short story as a single unit, so if I try to spread it over two days, my brain refuses to switch off, and I get hardly any sleep. So I can only start writing a one-shot on a weekday evening if I get started promptly after work, have no plans to go anywhere, don't feel too tired, haven't just posted something on my other LJ that's likely to prompt discussion, aren't involved in forum chat etc.

2. Stories between around 6000 and 15000 words. Ones at the lower end of this range are still best done in one go, so are best left for a Sunday. Longer ones will need to be spread over several days, and they will usually have some clear section breaks that give my brain some closure and let it sleep. However, they really need to be consecutive days.

3. Long works will have to be spread over weeks, but I hate to go away on holiday with a story unfinished. I can tolerate it, if I have to, in the early stages of a story, but not once I get going. If I go away near the end of a story, I almost resent the holiday for taking me from writing, and I find it very hard to get back into the story afterwards.

4. Just to add to the complication, I'm a serial monogomist when it comes to writing, and can only write one story at a time - although I can sometimes manage to squeeze in a short one-shot while working on a very long story. This means that I can't start a long story if I anticipate having lots of short story ideas in the coming weeks.

All of this meant that On the Road... totally took over my life, since I finally got into the swing of it only three weeks before I was due to go away on holiday, and therefore had to write like a mad thing to get it done. Oh, and I can't write a story while posting another one, so the Shrine tag I wanted to write couldn't be started until I'd finished posting On the Road..., some ten days after I saw the episode. .

Anyway... The reason this is all in my mind is because I'm going away on Saturday for a week. (8 days of good, old-fashioned pencil and paper role-playing - science fiction setting - but doubtless many OT digressions, drink, and perhaps even a trip to the dreaded (and perhaps mythical) Outside.) In the last couple of weeks, starting a new long story was therefore out. Starting any serious planning was out, since I would then want to write it. However, I had five short story ideas that I wanted to do in those two weeks, and I've managed to do four of them (Shrine tag, On the Road... epilogue, response to flashfic "comfort" challenge, and h/c fic exchange fic) , while the fifth I deliberately shelved, since I think it will work better after I've seen a certain forthcoming episode.

So I think I can go away with a sense of accomplishment, and with the decks properly cleared. I just wish my muse didn't make things so complicated, though.
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