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Just because I'm in limbo at the moment, due to having to go out in less than an hour, and never being able to settle on things in such circumstances, I thought I'd try that meme that gets you to write down the first lines of your last 25 fics, and see if you can find a pattern.

Finding my last 25 fics was hard, since the closest I've got to a chronology is on my website, and I some fics – flashfics and bits of silliness written on impulse – don't get put on there for weeks, or even months, after I've posted them elsewhere. But here's the best I can do:

The curfew bell had sounded long ago, but Ferris was not the sort of man to obey such things, not when he had a stash of freshly dried leaf and a new clay pipe to smoke it in. (Aug 08)

There was no resistance. (Aug 08)

One day Pooh was walking in the Forest when he met a Strange Animal. (July 08)

"Sheppard!" He drifted through dreams of candlelight and flames, of friends drifting away from him, of pain spearing through his side, of being trapped. (July 08)

Ambush had been inevitable, of course. (June 08)

"I guess this is what they call a cliffhanger," Sheppard said, one arm held out stiffly, the other raised. (June 08)

"What was that? What was that? God! Get it away from me! Get it away from me!" (June 08)

Okay, so I nearly killed John Sheppard. (May 08)

He opened his eyes to a dirty stone floor and a pale hand, streaked with blood. (May 08)

In dreams he flies. (May 08)

Jack had two older brothers, and his name was Jack. That said it all. Jack was clearly destined to-- (May 08)

Rodney McKay had just been elected Fellow of the Royal Society and was receiving the adulation of all, when some unmannerly lout grabbed him by the shoulder. (April 08)

"Stay where you are!" Ronon held his weapon steady. "Don't come any closer, and don’t," he barked, "make any move." (April 08)

He was trapped, and he was going to die. (April 08)

Congratulations on your purchase of your Gen Sheppard (Sheppardus nohankypankius.) (April 08)

"Go away," Rodney snapped, when they came for him. (March 08)

The attack came with no warning. (March 08)

"Dammit, McKay!" Something smashed into the wall, shattering. "How can you–?" (March 08)

Sheppard came to awareness slowly. (March 08)

"Salve!" said the dark-haired man. (Feb 08)

Sheppard watched the trio as they walked towards the Gate. (Feb 08)

When Rodney tried to speak, he found that his lips were wet. (Feb 08)

The cold is stealing his body away. (Feb 08)

The following fragments were retrieved from JRR Tolkien's waste paper basket. (January 08)

Rodney McKay knew the taste of triumph. (Dec 07)


Patterns? Well, three start with Sheppard waking up from unconsciousness, and two start with a very short statement about an attack happening. I do seem to like starting in the middle of the action. Any other pattern…? I don't know. But it helped pass a few minutes… :-)
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