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Last post today, honest

I'm on a roll today... I had most of the day off work unexpectedly (but I have to work both days this weekend, so I still lose out overall.) I've now posted both my unposted stories, and written a couple of drabbles for good measure.

1. A Dark is Rising story (around 16 pages long) can be found
here. "A young photographer finds a body, and becomes the uncomprehending witness to a terrible drama."

2. A Dark is Rising drabble, written for the "Finding peace" challenge. I had the idea yesterday, and it's clearly been writing itself in the back of my mind, since I just sat down, wrote it, and it came to 99 words without me needing to edit a single one of them. (Normally I start with about 180 words and edit down.)

"I'll get you for that!"

"Has anyone seen my blue shirt?"

"Mum! Mu-um!"

Doors slammed. A football pounded against the side of the house. Barbara was tunelessly singing along to the radio. A pack of Mary's friends were giggling at the thought of Max. Paul was playing his flute, the sparkling notes his private barricade against the noise.

Will settled down contentedly at the heart of the cacophony. The clamour surged around him like a storm, but at the same time, as peaceful as a moonlit pool.

Silence would be more terrible.

For now, at least, Will was loved.

3. A Chrestomanci drabble. I wrote a Dark is Rising/Chrestomanci crossover drabble a few weeks ago, and planned to post it for next week's drabble amnesty, but today I found myself writing something similar, but this time Chrestomanci is crossed over with... er... something else.

Two small figures crawled up the fiery mountain. They were almost spent, and..

"Oh," one gasped. "The weight… It's… gone."

"Yes," said a man, tall and dark.

The hobbits cowered. "Are you Sauron?"

The man blinked. "That upstart in the unpleasantly-decorated tower? Quite weak, as Dark Lords go? I dealt with him."

"You had no right!" Sam protested. "Mr Frodo's suffered horribly to save the world."

"Then why didn't you call me?" The man sighed. "Armies rampaging everywhere. Doom and despair… Dear me. What a mess worlds get into when they try to do things themselves."

His dressing-gown swirled as he left them there, gaping.

Now I'm going to step away from the computer, honest.
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