Eildon Rhymer (rhymer23) wrote,
Eildon Rhymer

Ratings part 2

Yup, I'm spending my "yay! I've finished my story, so don't need to spend the evening writing on the computer" evening, er... writing on the computer. Sorry for the double post, but as a sequel to my post on ratings the other day, I've just noticed that my season four SGA boxed set is rated 15. This means that, in the UK, SGA is deemed (on the grounds of "strong violence") to be something that no-one under 15 can watch at all, regardless of parental consent. This just struck me as interesting given that I often seen fanfics rated "PG - nothing beyond what we'd see in the show", or words to that effect. In the UK, the show gets the second highest rating going.

(To be honest, I suspect it's the fight at the end of Reunion that gives it this rating. All discs but the first disc are rated 12. But that's still "no-one under 12 allowed to watch", rather than 12A, which is "we recommend no under 12s, but parents are free to judge differently. PG, by the way, is an even lower rating.)
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