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I really ought to know better.

"Oh, I'd never be able to write drabbles. I'm too wordy," I say, and, within a few hours, I've written four of the things.

"I'd never be able to write a Chrestomanci fanfic," I say... and last night I lie awake for half the night writing one in my head. I hope I can be firm with it and make it stay fairly short (*pause for derisive laugh*). No, I really do mean to make it short. I want to be able to write it in one weekend, and then return to my regularly scheduled fanfic writing.

I'm actually very eager to start. DWJ's writing style is very different from my own, so it will be a fun challenge to rein in the angst, and concentrate on the story and the dialogue, rather than wallowing in thoughts and feelings.

I even have a first line, which is normally the hardest bit. (Well, except for the "X" that currently stands in for the main character's name in the said first line. I am always hopeless at coming up with names!)

Anyway... Tonight I'm going all the way to the Mainland to see "Howl's Moving Castle", since our local island cinema has decided not to show it. I am still sulking that I can't see "Serenity" this weekend, but at least we only get that film one week later than America, rather than months and months, like with Howl.
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