Eildon Rhymer (rhymer23) wrote,
Eildon Rhymer

Multiplying bunnies

*whimper* Too many story ideas! I don't know where to start, and I know that I won't get much sleep for a few days, since all these ideas will be eagerly shouting, "pick me! pick me!", and naughtily telling me that that idea over there secretly pulls little children's hair, and therefore doesn't deserve to get written.

Yesterday, I had 4 ideas vying to be my next fanfic. This morning, I thought I'd decided which idea I'd use. While driving home - why do ideas always come while driving or in the shower? - another idea leapt out at me, and it was quite persuasive. It was small, it told me - wouldn't take up much room - and it was full of nice self-indulgent whump, untrammeled with such awkward things as character arcs and deep psychological stuff, and thus just perfect as a relaxing transition fic, while I worked on my proper idea. So I went to get some paper to jot it down... and found some notes I'd jotted a few months ago for another short fic, equally self-indulgent and untrammeled etc. etc. Okay, I thought. Two short self-indulgent pieces while I worked on planning out my proper idea.

However, while I had paper out, I thought I'd jot down the temporarily-rejected ideas for my next "proper" fic... and I found that I loved each one, and want to write each one now. Annoyingly, two of them were supposed to be an either/or idea. I'd been mentally composing some writing meta about a particular plot device that I often dislike, and, as often happens in these circumstances, ended up filled with the urge to write just such a device. I came up with two alternative treatments of it... and now I find that I want to write both, despite the initial similarity of theme. One in particular really ties in with some character musings I've been doing lately. It's trying to tell me it'll only be short, but I know from experience that "short" ideas of this type end up morphing into giants as soon as turn my back.

I'm now scared to start writing notes on anything, to think about any writing issue, or even to drive anywhere or have a shower, in case four more story ideas come leaping out of wherever they're lurking, and demand to be written.

However, while I'm here, I will content myself with observing that you know you read too much h/c when you consistently and constantly misread "Winamp" as "Whump"...
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