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I've got the day off work today, since I worked six days last week. I intended to write all day, working on the sequel to my "Walking shadow" story. (45 pages written so far... but a lot more to go!)

I've been up for six hours now, and have I written a word? No, of course not! First, I stayed in bed for a few hours, reading bits and pieces of various Diana Wynne Jones books. Chrestomanci totally lends himself to fanfic, since he has the run of so many worlds, and every book is totally different. However, I don't think I'm the one to write it. I can do humour in small doses, but my longer stories naturally tend to heavy angst. I'm not sure if I could keep up a light touch for the duration of a properly plotted story.

And then I watched Galaxy Quest, which I'm very fond of. I laugh with slightly embarrassed recognition at the convention scenes, especially at all the girls who are so desperate to see relationships between all the characters. I bet they all write fanfic, too!

Anyway... I expect I will proceed to fritter away the afternoon, too. I nearly always do when I have a whole day "to write." When writing is going well, the whole world ceases to exist, as I "channel" the characters. It's great, but it's also a pretty daunting prospect, so I waste hours and hours before I can bring myself to start. When I do start, I write really fast, but then I kick myself at the thought of all the dozens of other pages I could have written, if I'd started at 8, rather than 4.

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