Eildon Rhymer (rhymer23) wrote,
Eildon Rhymer

Another drabble

Written for the "Damage limitation" challenge, but a bit too long (118 words) to post there. Also, it doesn't really add anything new, just retells an existing story. Still, I enjoyed writing it. I did it long-hand on a train, with much counting of words and scribblings-out. The person sitting opposite me was clearly intrigued, but didn't ask.


One golden autumn, a woman shared an unguarded smile with her lover. Her husband's enemies saw it, and their smiles were gleeful cold.

Winter brought whispers. The woman stroked her belly, but told only one man her secret.

The whispers became a shout. The trusted man looked into the future, and saw only darkness. A wife condemned, a baby slain, a king defeated, all because of a smile.

But then, on the cusp of despair, he saw a way to salvage hope.

The living were doomed, but the child at least could be saved. Winter had come, but one long-distant day, the sun perhaps would shine again.

And he, too, smiled, a smile of dying things, and spring.

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