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It's been ages since I updated. Oops. Let's see...

I've been working for months on a long Dark is Rising fic. (250 pages so far) set in Oxford in the 80s, which periodically goes very well, but then keeps stalling for weeks on end, for various reasons. I spent a month putting together my Dark is Rising fanfic writers' resource, then I spent a months obsessed with Dorothy Dunnett's Lymond Chronicles, which left no room for other fictional worlds. Then I had some very busy weekends, then was ill for a few weeks, and then got distracted with the story I'm posting below.

I'd originally intended to use this journal for fandom-related discussion, not just fanfic, but I've recently posted a couple of fandom meta posts in the "wrong" journal. Another oops. but I think I'll leave this one purely for posting fanfic. It seems a bit awkward to post musings on other subjects on my proper journal, and stick fandom issues all by themselves over here.

I don't want to overload Friends pages with fiction postings, so behind the cut are links to two fics I've posted today.

Firstly, here is a story set in the world of a new British TV series called Primeval. Really, though, you don't need to know the series to understand this story, which is a rather silly one, and mostly involves an original character anyway. Basic premise: Prehistoric monsters are coming through "anomalies" and rampaging in the modern world. Our team of heroes are trying to stop them, and also to find out why the anomalies have happened.

It was posted on the Primeval LJ community, here. Oh, and it's called Big and Scary, from which you can probably deduce that it's meant to be humour.

Secondly, we have a Dark is Rising story - or, rather, series. It consists of ten short pieces, each from the viewpoint of a different minor character, that between them cover the time-scale of The Dark is Rising (the book, not the novel.) I'm always fascinated in different viewpoints, and enjoy exploring familiar events through unfamiliar eyes. This is the result - posted at the Dark is Rising LJ community, here. Other Lives, Other Voices.
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