Eildon Rhymer (rhymer23) wrote,
Eildon Rhymer

Two very silly drabbles

These two drabbles are far too silly to be posted on darkisrising100. Well, admittedly that hasn't stopped me before, but in this case they are very contrary to the spirit of the challenge. As a result, I've not edited them or agonised over them much (read: at all) so they're rather rough, but they both made me giggle, writing them.


Will had pursued him for dozen lifetimes of man. This last scion of Darkness had wrought ruin on the earth, but now Will had him cornered. "Just tell me why," he pleaded, as he raised his hands to blast him out of Time. "Why do you want to destroy the world?"

"Aurali onalaha rue-balador! Remalon nahari kha? Ombasa'rhior es la," his enemy replied.

Will's hands fell to his side. Such eloquence! No-one had ever put it so clearly before. It was impossible to argue with.

He took his place at his erstwhile enemy's side, darkness shrouding him like a cloak.

No translation is necessary, because every true Susan Cooper fan is, of course, fluent in the Old Speech.

And secondly, in honour of Speak Like A Pirate Day - and inspired by an instructional video I watched earlier on how to speak the pirate language:

The Ancient Mariner

"Aaaargh!" exclaimed the old man with the skull and cross-bones hat. "Now ye be eleven, Will lad, you be old enough to be cabin boy on me ship, the Circle of Light. With cutlass and blade, we be hunting down our enemies, the Dark Scurvy Knaves. Shiver me timbers!"

"Um…" Will backed away. "I'm afraid I don't understand you."

"Aaaargh!" snarled the man. "You be speaking like a land-lubber. Here! Take this." He thrust a rolled parchment into Will's hands. "This be the Book of Gramarye, me heartie. You be a-reading this, then you be speaking pirate language, aaargh!"

Will ran.
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