Eildon Rhymer (rhymer23) wrote,
Eildon Rhymer

The World to Come - the end

Here, at last, are the final chapters of The World to Come.

Part three
Chapter 10: Homecoming
Chapter 11: Broken chains
Chapter 12: The key
Chapter 13: Stories
Chapter 14: Forgiveness
Chapter 15: Leaving
Chapter 16: The gathering
Chapter 17: The tree
Chapter 18: The Dark is rising
Chapter 19: High Magic
Chapter 20: One goes alone
Chapter 21: The world to come

Alternatively, if you go here you can get a link to the entire story in a single file, either in html, or as a zipped Word file.

Phew! It's over! I've spent over an hour a day on this story every day for the last three weeks - formatting it for my website and ff.net, and doing last minute edits of each chapter. This is also the first time I've put it all together in a single file, and I'm amazed to find that it's only 80,000 words. It feels longer.
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