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I have finally finished the story I've been writing on and off since February. Woo-hoo!

This is a Dark is Rising story, expanded out of five drabbles I wrote, set in a dark AU in which the Dark won at the end of the books. I've never found a story so hard to write. Firstly, it covered 24 years, with six characters who were, for the most part, living separate lives. I normally write stories that cover only a few days, and I seldom have a gap of more than a few hours between scenes, but in this story I sometimes had to leave a character at the end of one scene, and not see them again for six years. It was quite tricky, and not at all like what I'm used to.

Also, the original drabbles were set near the end of the 24 years, and I - perhaps foolishly - made myself the rule that anything that happened in those drabbles was true, and I would just have to construct the story around them. In one or two cases, this caused me quite large problems. One throwaway line in a drabble can become a millstone around your neck in a long story. *muttering darkly about "sorcerers"*

Anyway... I've finished now, at last, just in time to go off on holiday tomorrow. Once I get back, I'll be able to start editing up the chapters ready to post.

Ooh... I wonder how long it is. Because of the peculiar structure of the story, I've been writing each scene in a separate file. I have about 60 chapters, some of which are 1 page, some of which are 10, and most of which are 3 or 4. I'm intrigued to find out how long it really is, once I combine it all in one.

Off to get some cherry wine. Cherry wine has become my official "Woo-hoo! I've finished writing a story!" drink. I'm on holiday tomorrow, so I'm allowed to.
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