Eildon Rhymer (rhymer23) wrote,
Eildon Rhymer

That pesky muse

For several months, I have been very slowly writing a long, dark "Dark is Rising" AU, expanded from a series of drabbles. It's been difficult. I have 24 years to cover, and six characters' stories to tell. If I told it as a continuous narrative, it would be immense, so I decided to tell it as a series of snapshots (though some "snapshots" are ten pages long!) This turned out harder than I thought it would be. It's hard to keep your momentum when every single scene is effectively a new short story. It's hard to get into a character's head when you last saw them six years ago, and the world has changed a lot around them.

Anyway, last night I wrote quite a few pages, and there ideas were flowing nice and freely. I had a clear idea of the next few scenes, and was hopeful that I might finish the story by next week.

Then, as I was going to bed, I suddenly got a drabble idea, but I could cope with that. Rather than lie awake writing it in my head for hours, I got up and wrote it, then went to bed again... but then I was suddenly struck with an idea for a whole new story, and lay awake for hours anyway, writing dialogue in my head.

I started writing it as soon as I got up, and have been scribbling down notes on it like a madwoman all day at work. I normally displace like anything before finally getting down to writing, but this one is just writing itself. So once again it's going to be goodbye to the AU for a little bit, while I get this new idea finished.

The new one, by the way, is a Diana Wynne Jones story. I've no idea what it will be called, but for now, call it, "When Howl met Chrestomanci"...
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