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Two drabbles

I'm off on holiday tomorrow. Woo-hoo! Today I'm packing, clearing up, finishing things up, dealing with outstanding email etc. This has involved discovering two DiR drabbles that have been lurking in my inbox for a while. (I wrote them at work and emailed them to myself at home.) Here they are.

First, we have a drabble that I wrote for the "useful magic" challenge. However, while my initial idea fitted in with the "useful magic" idea, the end result was way off. Since it no longer remotely fitted with the idea of the challenge at all, I couldn't post it.


Bran picked himself up, spitting blood. "Was that really necessary?"

Will stilled the last of his magic. His heart fluttered. Sweat beaded his brow, but that was all. He met Bran's gaze, and spoke an absolute truth. "Yes,
it was."

"I don't understand you." Bran nursed his bruised jaw. "And you know, Will...? I don't want to try any more."

Necessary magic, Will thought. Magic that allowed you to save a friend from senseless, unavoidable death. Magic that caused you to kill something even so.

"Goodbye, Will."

Will stared at his killing hands. "Necessary," he said, and, of course, it was.


Secondly, here is a drabble written for "In the Middle of the Night" challenge. I wrote it not too long ago, anticipating the drabble amnesty that is running this week. I was going to post it today, but ended up writing and posting a different drabble instead. I don't want to spam the community, so I'm posting it here instead.

Beneath the stars

"That one I know." Bran gestured vaguely. "Orion."

"I've met him," Will said, "striding down from the heavens. A big man, and vain. Rather over-rated."

Bran was still. "You're joking," he said eventually. "Aren’t you?"

Will chuckled his yes, but Bran continued. "I never know now, you see." He stood up; smoothed his clothes. "I'm going back. It was a silly idea, really, sneaking out."

Even his voice had changed since autumn. Will had confessed everything, thinking it would bring them closer, but truth had only driven them apart.

The moon could not comprehend the sun, and they would never be one.
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