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If anyone's come here looking for my fic, the newest stuff (Lord of the Rings, plus 3 Avengers stories written in 2012) are on AO3. Stories written between 1996 and 2011 are on my website here. Its design is rudimentary, I'm afraid, but the stories are all there, and that's what matters. I really must update it with the newer stuff... or even embark on the mammoth task up uploading all the older stories to AO3.
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Searching for the Grail

Since this is ostensibly my fanfic journal, I suppose I ought to post this little story here, for the sake of completeness. I posted it on my main LJ a couple of weeks ago, and on AO3 a few days after that.

Searching for Grails, c. 1300 words of humorous medieval pastiche... with a moral, and all! "And so Sir Gawain did place a bid upon the Holy Grail, but ere it could become his, another knight rode up at a mighty wallop and stood against him in the bidding yard..." Malory tells us one version of the quest for the Holy Grail. How different would things have been had the knights had access to a few pieces of somewhat anachronistic technology?

On LJ here, or AO3 here.
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Casting Shadows

Here's another story written for Back to Middle-earth month. I've got a few more ideas I'd like to write, but will have very little writing time between now and the end of the month, so I might not get round to them. But here's a link to this one, anyway.

Casting Shadows (or read it on AO3 here)

As King Elessar travels north on his first state visit to the northern kingdom, Strider the Ranger returns to The Prancing Pony. c.4100 words. Gen. Friendship. Some light humour. No pairings, no warnings. Written for one of the 2015 prompts asking for stories in which Aragorn returned to the Prancing Pony after he was king.
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Kudos at all costs

Originally posted on my ladyofastolat LJ a couple of weeks ago, but I guess I ought to post this here for the sake of completeness.

So, Bunn wrote a collection of perfectly crafted, and very funny, micro stories about readers not leaving kudos on stories they liked on AO3. My attempt to leave kudos on it was temporarily thwarted by an issue of an accidental logout and a mislaid password. Rather a tiny, untraumatic adventure, granted, but it made me wonder what other adventures might be endured by readers who are determined to leave kudos, but find barriers in their way. I started by writing them in the comments on her LJ post, but my imagination wouldn't stop coming up with more, each one more far-fetched and over-dramatic than the last. In the end, I decided that I needed to compile them into a single file and post them somewhere, just so I could tell my imagination that this whole enterprise was over now, and it should stop tormenting me with new ideas. In the interests of spreading the insanity, I post a link here.
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Back to Middle Earth Month so far

Two stories so far:

War Stories

An old soldier waits for his captain to return. Surely he will return to fight for Gondor in her time of greatest need! But that time comes and passes, and Thorongil does not come. But then there is a knock at the door… c. 6700 words. Gen. Character study. Friendship. No pairings, no warnings. Original character and Aragorn. Written for one of last year's prompts calling for stories in which someone who had known Aragorn as Thorongil meets him again as king.

An Unseen Question

"The caterpillar started it." Merry and Pippin are infected with a sudden bout of investigative fervour. Can Rivendell cope with two lively hobbits whose hunger for answers threatens to surpass even their hunger for food? c. 3900 words. Gen. Humour. Friendship. No pairings, no warnings. Pippin and Merry, with some Frodo, and a little Gandalf and Elrond. Written in response to the question "if Frodo hung the Ring on a chain, why didn't the chain turn invisible?" I decided to turn the question over to Middle Earth's sharpest minds. Well, to Merry and Pippin, anyway.

Collapse )
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Lord of the Rings fanfic: The Shadow of War - now complete

The Shadow of War is now complete!

Title: The Shadow of War, chapter 1 of 26
Words: c. 156,000 in total (26 chapters)
Rating: PG (some mentions of violence, but nothing graphic.)
Genre: Drama. Epic. Adventure.
Relationships: Contains background Aragorn/Arwen and Éowyn/Faramir, but these are not the focus.
Characters: Aragorn, Pippin, Éowyn, Éomer, Mablung and various OCs (POV characters.) Also Faramir, Merry, Arwen, Legolas and Gimli (non-POV characters.)

Summary: It's fourteen years since the fall of Sauron, and Gondor is at peace. But old enemies are stirring beyond her borders, and some have infiltrated Minas Tirith itself, and are waiting for the time to strike…

You can read it in the following places:
Many Paths to Tread
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The Shadow of War update

I've decided not to post any more updates of this story on this LJ. I'm posting it in 3 other places, so there are several other options for people who want to read it, without me cluttering up the Friends page of everyone's LJs with 26 separate posts.

The story can be found in the following places:
Many Paths to Tread

If anyone really wants me to keep posting it here, please say!