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P4 costume

I've just got back from Pegasus 4, and thought I'd post pictures of my costume accessories, since I had fun making them. I was a terrified con newbie, and hadn't planned to entire the costume competition, but since I like making costume, I thought I'd go along in costume anyway, naively believing that almost everyone would be in costume. It turned out that very few people were, and also that the actual competition was pretty small - I'd imagined hundreds of people in professional-standard costume - but they wouldn't let me enter since sign-ups had closed by then.

So here we go.

First we have the costume, as modeled by someone who hates being photographed, who has a husband who is awful at taking photographs. (Him: "After three. One, two, CLICK." Me (having been caught with half a smile plastered onto my face, and my eyes closed): You said 'after three'!" Him: Sorry. After three. One, two, three... pause... pause... pause... CLICK!" Me (having been caught in the act of saying, 'Are you ever going to take it': "Aaaargh!")

This is modeled on Sora in Underground, and I made the whole thing, except for the shift, which I cheated and bought, since I feared the bodice/corset would take too long, and I was juggling obsessive story-writing with this sewing.

(By the way, the look of frozen terror on my face rather reflects the way I looked as I neared the con.)


Then, in a bag, just to prove that I was an honest Rustic Rural Genii, I had my Genii passport:

(Pics are done by screen shots from Publisher. In reality, they were printed on vaguely parchmenty paper.)


I also had a leather-bound Genii rustic recipe book.

Front page:


Back page:


The middle page that no-one was meant to see, and which was added by some evil person trying to frame me:


And the same evil person who was trying to frame me also added this:


Oh, and they also stuck a nuclear bomb (made of cardboard; I had hoped to do a 3D one based on a rubber ball, but couldn't find one. I bet Woolworth's would have had one. Er... I mean, the person unknown who framed me was trying to find a rubber ball. No me. I mean, I had nothing to do with it.)
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